Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trip to the Craft Store

Today I took a little trip to the Craft Store. Well right there I knew I would be in trouble because I can never just go and look at things. As usual too many items found there way into my cart because they were on "sale".

Of course I already have enough stuff in my studio to open my own craft store but in my mind it just isn't new enough or cute enough as the new things are. Today my vice was scrapbook paper. I bought so much new paper that I didn't even have enough space to put it.

My husband is supposed to put up new shelving for me because I am already overflowing all the shelving I currently have. I think once it is up I will have it already half full before anything else new comes in the house.

Of course getting new paper does get my creative juices flowing so there should be some new goodies making it into my shop real soon. And I guess I really should use a lot of what I have before I buy anymore new things. It's good in theory but I'm sure it won't be the reality.

Oh and I still haven't bought the Craft Fair tent yet. Really need to get on that because my show is coming up quicker than I want to think it is. I guess I don't want to think that summer is almost over and fall is quickly coming.

I have been working on Halloween and Thanksgiving things that will be added to my shop at the beginning of next week. Then next is the new Christmas things. Will be listing those things in September.

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